How to reach more customers online?

In today’s era, everyone has to ramp up their sales and polish up their strategies to achieve the results. Gaining online customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of skills and tactics to do so. The algorithms of Google search is the best way to reach customers online.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling and where you are selling, but at any platform and for any product, you need correct planning and implementation in order to reach the maximum crowd. Having an influential and credible image is all that a brand needs to sell itself. Learn how to reach more customers online with the below-listed tips that can enhance the online presence.

  • Take the help of keywords and make them as the backbone of your SEO strategy: keywords are like oxygen for online marketing. It has the life-supporting power.  Online marketing is all about the right tricks to use right keywords. Avoid using jargon and high-vocab words in the keywords. They can ruin your efforts. Embedding appropriate keywords in a high-quality and engaging content can uplift the online presence. Though, it is advised to never over-do them.
  • Always appreciate the power of backlinks: Never underestimate the backlinks. They can drive the people swiftly and in no time if they are used in the correct way. All the top-notch websites invest enough money to support their backlinks since they are aware of their vitality. Always pick the website or blog that is already having an immense number of backlinks. This is a sign of the pre-qualified owner of the website. This means that the owner is pro in the game of backlinks. So, pick the sites that are related to your subject and already have numerous backlinks.
  • Content is the king of digital marketing: This is an appropriate contemporary phrase. Yes, it is absolutely right that content is the king of digital marketing. The best way to reach customers online is to deliver an applaudable content that should be engaging enough to help them read the full length. It might get a little expensive, but investing in high-quality photos and videos can ramp up the sales. Make sure that the product in the images and, in reality, should have the same quality. Deceiving your customers is no less than a sin. This can further ruin your own reputation.
  • Design an optimized page-layout: Many online strategies fail even after putting great efforts. One such reason for these failures is the inappropriate or cohesive page layout. In order to provide details, many designers create a cluster. This deviates the customers instead of fascinating them. The design of the page should be done while keeping the two aspects in mind: “Creativity” and “unicity.” The elements of the page should complement each other. There should be a sense of togetherness.
  • Look authentic and trustable: Due to the ease and advancement of technology, there are plenty of cheaters strolling on the web. The customers are in constant fear of not getting into the trap. So, they look for the legitimacy of the website. As a responsible website owner, you should provide all the relevant details. It is exceedingly recommended to add the reviews of your previous customers and does not try to get rid of negative response by merely wiping it out.
  • Market your content on Quora: One of the best ways to reach customers online is to market some keyword-centric, unique posts on Quora. Make sure to add links to your website wherever needed, without over-stuffing them.
  • Enhance the customer relationship through email marketing: It’s not easy to engage in email marketing, but it is the right way if you want to know how to reach more customers online. To get the email address of your customers, you need to give them a free bait. This could be extra discount points or free gifts.


Well, it is not an easy-peasy task to impress the customers online and influence them to buy your product or service. It takes an ounce of effort.  The above-listed tips can surely ramp –up the website crowd and teach you the best way to reach the best customers online, but patience is all that you need..!! It is essential to create a crystal clear and respectful image on the web to persuade the people towards the “Add to cart” button.

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WordPress Beginners guide

Did you just decide to make a website for your new brand? Great..!! Oh, are you scared of the fact that you are not tech-savvy and do not know much about how to make a website? Chill, because there are over 15000 websites that are made with the help of WordPress. It has proven to be the most comprehensive and easy way to create your own website without any web designer. Isn’t it impressive? But before you begin with this you need, you need to have a domain name. Here we have brought you WordPress guide for beginners that can reap away all problems.

Here is the various piece of things that you will be learning through WordPress beginners guide:

What is the domain name, and how to buy it?

Steps to do after the installation of WordPress.

What are the next steps after the initial WordPress configuration?

Which WordPress plugins to install? How to install these plugins.

How to rapidly grow your WordPress site?

Pro tips for SEO for your blog.

With this tutorial, you can have your WordPress blogs in the next 10 minutes without investing in any professional website designer.

The first step of creating your new blog using the WordPress guide for beginners.


The foremost step is to buy web-hosting and domain name. But let’s first know about what they are.

Web-hosting is where the files are stored.

Domain means the name of your upcoming website. Make sure that it should be short, crisp, and relevant.

How to buy web hosting?

You can buy hosting through Site ground, which gives unlimited hosting space and bandwidth for $5.95 per month. This comes with a free domain.

Visit Site Ground to get a blazing fast hosting for your website.

Select the hosting plan. There are 3 plans to choose from. Pick the one that meets your needs.

Buy a new domain and click the ‘proceed to payment’ option.

Next comes the summary page. Here you can recheck the services and choose the duration of the plan. You will get extra discounts if you choose for more than two years.

If you have an existing account, then you can click on ‘sign in’ and enter your credentials; otherwise, you can click on ‘create an account.’

After signing in, you will be taken to the payment section. There are various modes of online payment available.

Pay for the services, and there you are done..!!

The second step of creating your new blog using the WordPress guide for beginners.

local-server wordpress

Now you have to download and install WordPress on Localhost. Here’s what you need to follow:

Step 1: Download a local server software. You can download MAMP.

Step 2:  Installation of the MAMP server.

Step 3: Run MAMP and click on “Start Servers.”

Step 4:  Create a database for storage. Click on “new” and give the name. Then press “create”.

Step 5: Download WordPress.

Step 6: Go to the MAMP directory in the computer’s system drive and open “htdocs.” After that, paste the unpacked WordPress folder.

Step 7: Install WordPress on localhost.

Step 8: update the database and hit the “submit” button.

Step 9: Run the installation on the next page.

The third step of creating your new blog using the WordPress guide for beginners.

After this, you have to install the WordPress blog onto the domain name. After the installation, you are required o mark few changes:

You have to delete the default post and comments.

After login in, go to Posts> All Posts and delete the “Hello World” post.

Go to Pages>All Pages and delete the default page, “Sample Page”.

Go to comments and similarly delete the default comments.   Next, you have set the time zones. Go to Settings> General. Your posts will go live as per these time zones.

Go to Settings>Discussion, and set the WordPress discussion settings.

Add more pings by going to “Writing” in” Settings.”

Manage your media settings. Usually, the default media settings upload the blogs with unnecessary files which bloats it. Customize these settings by Settings>Media.

Add Google Analytics for knowing about WordPress site traffic.

Add the caching Plugin for lowering down the load from the server.

Disable the browsing directory.

Get a customized URL with the chosen keywords. Go to Settings>Permalink. Choose the “post name” and click on “Save.”

The fourth step of creating your new blog using the WordPress guide for beginners.

The next step is to learn that how you can add plugins from the Dashboard. There is more than one way to do. Here you can learn all of them.

Search and Install Method

 Installation of plugins is quite an easy task. If you already know the name, then you can directly look for it in the “search from dashboard’’ section and do the installation process. Go to Plugins>Add new. Then you can enter the name of the Plugin in the search box at the top right corner. Never skip reading the documentation before installing it. Then click on “Install Now” and then on “Activate.” There you are done with this step..!!

Upload and Install Method

If you have downloaded the WordPress from third party site, then you can upload the .zip file and install it from the Dashboard. You have to click on “Upload Plugin” and search your drive to find the .zip file.

FTP Methods

The last method is FTP. For this, you can download the Plugin from the library and then unzip it. After that you can upload it on your WordPress plugin library using the FTP software. Once you are done, you have to go to the WordPress plugins folder in the WordPress dashboard and activate the same Plugin.

You can choose from any of the three methods. Managing the plugins is also easy-peasy stuff. You just have to go to the plugin dashboard; then, you can activate/deactivate with a click and manage it yourself.

How to rapidly grow your new website?

Now you have successfully graduated as a WordPress beginner, and now you are up to start your own blog..!! Well, we are not leaving you yet. We have got you some pro tips to dress up your newborn blog page. Many people are running there blogs using various methods, including WordPress, but not everyone knows how to pimp it up and increase its pace. So, learn the secret tips here and make the most out of them.

Update the WordPress ping list regularly:  whenever there is some posting or editing blog, the WordPress sends pings to all the other services which are under your ping update. The search engine quickly indexes it in its ping list, but we can extend this limited list manually after login to the WordPress dashboard. Go to settings>writing and add the pings. Then click on “save changes.”

Burn the blog feed with the help of Feedburner: This will ensure that the new readers to subscribe to your blog via RSS feed or through the email methods.18

Set up Google Analytics to the WP blog: It will help you to keep a check on the traffic, and the kind of traffic your site is holding. There are three ways in which you can add Google Analytics to WordPress; Google Tag Manager, WordPress theme, and using plugins.

Install and activate WordPress SEO by Yoast: Yoast is the prominent name when it comes to SEO. Setting these plugins could be tricky for new bloggers. 

Add Google tag manager: This will help you in managing the tags. With this, you can add or remove the tags as per your wish. It also makes sure that the website doesn’t turn out to be slow while loading these tags.

Activation of the Akismet Plugin: this is an anti-spam plugin and is the official Plugin of the WordPress parent company Automattic.  You have to get their free API key by making a free account. It is also one of the best solutions to get rid of the spams from WordPress.

Use SocialSnap Plugin:  it can help in enticing the online traffic and allows the customers to share the posts and the pages. Its “Social Auto Poster” feature will automatically share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn whenever you publish something new. This beautifully showcases the social links that display the followers’ counts.

Use PushEngage:  It helps in various activities such as Revenue tracking and Inventory alerts.

Be a step ahead from the beginners level:

Now you are ready to move a step forward from WordPress on how to guide a beginner’s level. Now is the time to grow bigger and take your blog to new extensions. With the help of the WordPress beginners guide, you have become well versed in installing and using WordPress for the first time. But the journey doesn’t seem to end here. Now you can use the SEO skills to be at the intermediate level. There are tons of SEO tools that you can use to get the hang of the success. Just take a break and come back to get promoted to the next level, with the ease of being at home.

SEO tips for the beginners

Recreate the permalinks because the default ones are not SEO friendly.

Perform the Keyword research and optimize the homepage. This is also called as On-page SEO.

Focus on the keywords while creating the blog content.

Activate the Implement WordPress Sitemap, which is an XML file that contains the index of the important links like posts, pages, tags, and categories.

Add your website to the Search Console: Google Search Console is an SEO tool that is free to use. You have to add your website to this console. This will aid in faster optimization of your new site.

WordPress security

Securing your WordPress blog is an important thing to ensure that your database is not leaked. It can cause you immense trouble. Nowadays, blog sites are on the main target of hackers as they are easy to hack. The third-party sites and plugins make it vulnerable to hacking. We have got you some pro tips to shield your WP site:

Using a secure hosting company: Always pick a legit and authorized company for the hosting purpose. Look for the ones that go for a  regular update of the operating system and apply the latest security patches. Also, hunt the company that has intrusion detecting systems for malevolent activities and policy violations.

Install the latest version of WordPress and regularly update it: Whenever the creators offer any update, it contains the programs that have got rid of bugs. So, it helps in keeping your website shielded.

Regularly update the plugins: Always use the plugins that are latest and have good security support. In any case, if you are using the one that has got no update for a long time, then it is best to replace it and finds it alternative.

Use the latest version of PHP: It is the backbone of WordPress and offers security support for better stabilization of the website.

Use WAF: WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. This acts as a wall between the hosting server and the network traffic. Its job is to filter and eliminate the malicious threats before sending it to the device.

Use complex passwords: Gone are the days when you could use 123123 as your password or maybe your dog’s name. It is a big “no-no” to do this. Go for the password that has letters, numerals, and special characters.

Change your password regularly:  It is smarter to change your password every month or at least every alternate month.

Check Folders File Permission: In the “File Manager” of the cPanel, check the attributes of the file. If the permission code is 777, then it is a suspicious activity.

Well, the information ends here, and now it is your turn to practice them in real and bring out the gem that is residing inside you. We hope that we could steer you clear from the doubts by this WordPress beginner’s guide.  We tried to bring all the steps from scratch and make you a pro by being at home and learning from our WordPress guide for beginners.

How can you opt for brand authenticity using visual branding?

Consumers nowadays prefer to choose authenticity while choosing a specific service or product. But what does “authentic” mean to the brands?

According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology, authentic brand is the one that remains faithful towards its consumers. It cares for the well being of the consumers and takes responsibility accordingly.

Quite often than not, we come across powerful brands that have made consumer’s welfare an invincible part of their business operations. They always remain true to their consumers and fulfill the promises to stand out from the competition.

Why is brand authenticity essential for each and every business?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to establish a substantial hold in your field, with the help of a steady stream of frequent clients, then you need to understand the value of brand authenticity.

Dove brand visualization campaign

Following are the three major reasons to grow as a genuine and trustworthy company:

A strong relationship with clients:

If you portray sincere messages, like that of Dove’s campaign for real beauty, then your clients will feel that you are able to understand their needs and expectations.

Also, prioritizing your customer’s well being and bringing that in the forefront will make them feel that you truly care for them. Do not ever let them feel that they are just a part of your bottom-line benefits.

You need to focus on how your products can be beneficial for your consumers. Besides, you need to be committed to causes such as employee welfare and environment protection.

Do not forget to promote messages which your clients can relate to. This can eventually provide you with lifelong customers who will actually contribute towards your success.

Meeting consumer expectations:

According to a recent survey, about 86% of the consumers opt for authenticity while buying or supporting any product or service.

Consumers are becoming much more aware, and hence they are demanding complete transparency in the business operations.

They need elaborate details of even the ingredients used in the products they use. Hence, brand authenticity is getting highly essential for all business organizations.

It has become a matter of trust and loyalty. In order to build or nurture consumer trust, brand authenticity plays a huge role.

Standing apart from the competition:

Consumers today have access to a wide range of product features. You, therefore, cannot rely on just unique features of your products to get an edge over your competitors. This has become a widespread phenomenon nowadays.

However, your competitor can never use the emotional bond that you share with your consumers. They cannot reap the benefit of the loyalty that you maintain towards your consumer.

The transparency you have showing in all your business operations is something that your competitors can never utilize for their benefit.

Consumers tend to forget the features of your product. But they do not forget how they had felt with you. It is very important that customers believe in you and supports your ideas and causes.

This way, they will always choose your brand over others when making a purchase decision.

Following are some statistics that show the significance of authentic branding:

In about ten seconds, people form an impression about a specific brand just by seeing its logo.

  • 17% of US-based consumers are ready to pay more if the service is18 exceptionally good.
  • Colours can indeed be a great tool in brand recognition.
  • 59% of consumers stick to their trusted brands when it comes to trying a new product.
  • Amazon, the most valuable brand at present, has the brand value worth US$221 billion.
source: breakline

How to boost authenticity using visual branding?

Once you have decided to go with brand authenticity, you will come across several steps and methods to do so. But one of the most effective methods to do so is through visual branding.

Let’s see how you can accomplish this in five easy steps:

Usage of fronts that exudes your brand personality:

Your fonts play a very significant role in creating a good impression on your target clients. While choosing a font, think of your brand personality traits and then choose accordingly.

Consistency and continuity in your visual content:

A compelling visual brand identity can only be formed when you are consistent with the elements such as fonts, colours, layouts etc.

You need to follow this in all your business materials, for instance, signage, wall decals, product packaging, blogs, website design, social media posts, ads, videos, and so on.

Always remember to adhere to your brand’s colour palette. Also, keep in mind the emotions that you want your consumers to associate with your brand.

Imaged should be chosen as such that they remain aligned with the personality and identity of your brand.

Taglines should be relatable, genuine and compact:

A powerful and unique slogan or tagline can draw the attention of your potential consumers and give a boost to your sales. Use a few catchy and descriptive words that best explain your brand. 

Maximization of social media videos and posts:

Social media has become part and parcel of our lives. You can build and maintain brand authenticity by using social media effectively.

You can use video snippets to bring your event preparations to the forefront. You can also try to feature people from different walks of life who actively use your products. It is essential to share user-generated content too.

Unique brand logo:

Logo plays a significant role in visual branding. It has to be unique and appealing. It can be catchy enough so that it creates a long-lasting impact on a consumer’s mind. Always use colours and fonts that match your brand identity.

Brand authentication is highly essential in today’s age of cut-throat competition. You can try the top-notch services of Webgross Solutions for authenticating your brand. It is a world class, one-stop solution for all your website and digital marketing related needs. The highly trained and well-qualified team toil hard to come up with unique, appealing and attractive solutions for all your business needs and requirements. Feel free to give them a call in case you need some help. 

14 Pro Tips To Secure WordPress Website

WordPress is a widely used platform to build or develop websites. It accounts for more than 30% of sites available currently on the internet. Though it proffers various security features, in recent times, it was highly targeted by hackers. There is no denying that websites of WordPress are secure. However, when we use the plug-ins, themes, etc. it makes our website vulnerable to various hacks and attacks. WordPress is one of the most popular websites, and it is immensely prone to hacking if you don’t secure the WordPress website. As an end to end-users, there are a couple of things you must do to protect your website.

If WordPress is safe, then why do we need to make efforts to secure the WordPress website?

As mentioned earlier, by default, WordPress is highly exceedingly secured. But, when we install plug-ins, themes, or host it, it becomes vulnerable. The vulnerabilities which affect most of the owners stem from the extensible parts of the platform, especially themes and plug-ins. These two are the No.1 vector of attack being utilized by the hackers to misuse or hack your website.

The majority of the themes and plug-ins are not highly versed when it comes to security. Therefore these vulnerabilities are done intentionally; they are just the result of mistakes and some errors. The developers usually address and fix these vulnerabilities by introducing various updates.

Hackers intend to hack these websites for personal gain, which is usually in the form of generating the backlinks to spammy sites or companies. Sometimes the hacking process is done so sophisticated that you won’t even realize that you’re hacked, or there is a backdoor that is installed on your website for a very long time. 

However, the owner of the website starts losing the traffic due to SEO penalty, and by the time they realize it is unusual or abnormal, it’s too late. In the worst-case scenario, your website can possibly be blacklisted by the prominent blacklist authority. It will result in the loss of significant time and money to get back your website from the blacklist.

14 Proven Tips To Secure WordPress Website

Below are some of the proven tactics and methodologies which you can implement in order to secure the WordPress website. Let’s take a deep dive into the 14 methods, which will definitely elude the risk factor of getting hackers to invade your website.

It is immensely recommended to have the proper WordPress backup solution if you have not yet. It is because one of the biggest sites like Dropbox and Sony, can be hacked. It will not be that arduous for the hackers to invade your website too. So, the fits that you need to make sure you are getting daily backups of your blogs. You can use the system of backup proffered by your hosting company. If that does not work out, you can also go for third party backups systems like Updraftplus and Vaultpress. Make sure the backups service proffered by your hosting companies saves that data into different servers.

2. Use a Reliable and Secure Hosting Company

The installation of your WordPress is only the software that is installed on the servers. The substructure of a secured website is a server that is capable enough to ensure that your website is protected against hackers. 

  • A secured hosting must include,
  • Regular updates on the operating system.
  • Apply the latest security patches.
  • Server level firewall which can diminish DDOS attacks.
  • Intrusion detection system which helps in detecting the policy violations and malicious activity.

It’s a bit bewildering to figure out which hosting can be the best for your website, which is reliable enough to defend the hackers. Therefore, we have created an array of secured WordPress hosting companies.

1. Kinsta hosting– This one best fits for you if you have a blog website with tremendous traffic. There are various big websites who are using the same.

2. Bluehost- It is considered as one of the top-graded hosts which proffers excellent security. It is chosen by a lot of people to secure wordpress websites.

3. Sitground- It’s an award-winning hosting that utilizes an anti-bot AI system in order to prevent attacks and ransomware.

4. WPEngine- It offers a great backup service with different servers. WPEngine provides high-level security and backups at multiple levels.

You can undoubtedly switch to any of the above hostings if your current hosting does not meet your expectations or requirements. Move to any one of these, and you will be able to witness a huge difference.

3. Always keep updated With Latest WordPress Version

Never forget to keep up with the latest version of WordPress, it’s basically a security tip for all kinds of users. This is something; you should never miss out whether you have a top graded hosting. Whenever WordPress delivers updates, it means they have fixed the bugs or errors in the software. It can also be some extra steps taken by WordPress to make it more secure and reliable. 

Whenever you come across the message “WordPress x.x.x is available,” Update it.

Also, make sure that the theme and all the plug-ins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It is recommended to wait 5-6 days after when WordPress launches an update. You should wait before the other users stop reporting the errors or bugs in the latest version.

4. Update WordPress Plugins

As mentioned earlier, WordPress rolls out the updates from time to time to fix security holes and various bugs, and the same applies to the plug-ins.

A WordPress plug-in or a third-party script can possibly develop a security hole in your website. We have already seen such issues in the “Timethumb” vulnerability as well. It is because the script and the bunch of plug-ins that were using the script turned out to be vulnerable. These type of Zero-day vulnerability is tough to ignore. In order to secure wordpress website, it is recommended to limit the number of plug-ins, themes, and script.

You must use the plug-ins, which come with reliable support and get updated from time to time. If you have been using a plug-in that has not been updated for a long time, you should find a replacement for it.

5. Use The Latest Version of PHP

PHP is considered as the backbone of the WordPress website. The latest version of the PHP is 7.3. As per the stats of official PHP, they provide security support to all stable versions of PHP for at least two years. This means if you are using the older version of PHP, you will not be able to grab these benefits. It has been researched that around 71.8% of WordPress website owners are still using the outdated version of the website.

You can easily change your PHP version in no time, varying upon the hosting environment you are using. We strongly recommend you build a staging environment and then begin with the testing of the latest PHP version. This is to make sure about the compatibility as at the time, outdated themes and plug-ins could cause a severe issue. This is one of the major steps falls down in the methods to secure wordpress website

6. Use Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A firewall takes place in the network traffic and hosting server. The firewall works by filtering out the common threat before it reaches the machine hosted with your WordPress website.

There are three most common types of firewall solutions which you can use on WordPress.

1. At the host level- It is hosted on the level of a web application, and in our case, it’s none other than WordPress. It is not suggested as eventually, your host needs to do loads of lifting or filtering out the traffic. It is undoubtedly better than the network-based WAF. Talking about the local resources it requires, it’s not the best option.

2. At the network level- It is usually stored on the network level or the machine level or network level. It only works when you host your WordPress website at the data center, which you own. This is one of the most costly options and usually preferred by enterprises. Such enterprises have control over the physical space, the space where the server is installed.

3. Cloud-based WAF- The cloud-based WAF are generally applied at the DNS level, which helps in filtering the most common type of threats even before it comes to hit the servers of your WordPress. This method is way easier to apply and pretty much economical as well. It’s only downside is, it may be obligatory to change the DNS.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of threats that re-identified by the WAF are SQL injection attacks, buffer overflows, cross-site scripting (XXS) attacks, and the session hijacking. It is a level 7 protocol defense in the model of OSI.

There are two immensely suggested services which you can use to implement the WA.

Sucuri- Price starts at $9.99 a month

Cloudflare- Starts at $20 a month

It’s an exceedingly recommended feature of WordPress security, especially for the Woocommerce and WordPress websites that are made for business purposes. Choose any of those and secure a wordpress website.

7. Hide WordPress Version

Suppose you are out of time, and you don’t have those 2 minutes in order to update your WordPress core files. The listed version of the WordPress can spark an idea for the hacker to invade your website. If you are using an older version of WordPress and everyone can see it, you are doomed.

There plenty of free and paid themes available that can figure it out and get you rid of it in no time. But, make sure to head over to the functions.php and add the following line,

<?Php remove_action(‘wp_head;’wp_generator’);?>

8. Use the complex login password

Mentioning this one was not necessary, but there are still some of the people who use ingenious and tremendously complex passwords such as,

  • 123123
  • Ilovejesus
  • admin@123
  • password

These are way too complex to crack.

Please never forget to make your passwords stronger and complex. You must add a couple of special characters, digits, and some capital words too and keep changing the password every 5 or 6 months. Those easy-peasy are not going to get the job done to secure wordpress website.

It is also recommended to go for a plug-in, which is called login lockdown. This plug-in is highly beneficial; it records all of the timestamps and IPs of the failed attempts of logins. You will be notified whenever someone tries to invade your website with the help of this utmost plug-in. 

9. Change the login URL of WordPress

By changing the login URL of WordPress, you prevent yourself from tons of attempts of hacking or various attacks. By changing the page of login, you will be offered a great deal of help, especially if you are someone who has a handful of the people.

10. Set Google Alert For Indexed Pages

Most of the people are not aware of this trick, you can use the feature, ‘Google Alert’ which keeps sending the alerts whenever it crawls or indexes a new page on your domain. There are times when the hackers of WordPress add new posts and pages which are not shown in the frontend and backend but still get crawled in Google.

By setting up these types of alerts, you will come to know if something unusual is happening without your notice or awareness. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to set up, and it is absolutely free.

Here is how you can get started with it.

Get to the Google Alerts

In the section of “Create an alert about”, add the desired

Now, change ‘How often’ to ‘As it happens’,the language to “any language” and change ‘how many’ to the ‘all results’. That’s done, now you are all set to exploit its benefits.

Now you will be able to get the notifications and alerts whenever a new page gets indexed or crawled in the search engine.

11. Delete Default admin user

It is one of the most vital tips for those who are looking forward to creating a protected and secured WordPress blog. In order to secure wordpress websites, the default “admin” username is highly prone to brute-force attacks and high jacks. It is because most people never consider changing it.

Whenever you install the WordPress, make sure you use a distinctive username instead of being stuck to the same old username ‘Admin.’

With the help of administrator rights, you can create a new username and lend the new administrator a nickname which is going to be published if he or she writes a new post or blog. Now the next step is to log out and then log back into the new admin account, which you created and remove the old user ‘admin.’

Ensure that you have attributed all of the usernames and links to the new user which you created recently.

12. Check out the folders of WordPress in the File permissions

Open the cpanel and head over to the file manager. You can also sign in to your FTP software and check out the whole of the files attributed to the folder of WordPress.

If it turns out as 744 (read-only), you are all safe. If you find it to be 777, you are exceedingly lucky that you have not been hacked yet.

Ensure you verify all the permissions of files after you migrate the hosting. Most of the bloggers do not realize that the authorities of files also get changed when they change their hosting.

13. Hide the directory of plug-ins

The folder of plug-ins/wp-content//plugins should not be following the folder’s list and all the files placed inside it.

Head over to the folders of plug-in and replace the with the name of your domain.

If you witness the list of folders, you will need to hide them asap.

In order to secure wordpress website and hide those folders, you will be required to create a new .htaccess file and then drop it in the directory of your plug-ins. 

If you have an accurate and well written .htaccess file in the directory of your root, then adding a separate .htaccess to another folder will not cause any damage or harm.

14. Turn off the database error

If you are using an older version of the WordPress, then you will be able to come across all of the errors even if there are errors in the MySQL database. It will also proffer the valuable information of the hacker about your database.

We hope this guide has helped you enough to figure out how to secure WordPress website. Implement all the methods listed above and elude the complexions you most people face while trying to secure their website. Again, it’s a great idea to always take the backups of your blog at intervals to ensure you roll back to your blogs in healthy conditions. Kindly let us know what other suggestions you would like to give a blogger to keep their blogs and secured from the cybercriminals. Share your ideas or methods in the comment section and don’t forget to share and bookmark the post.

List of 12 best plugins for WordPress blogs and Business websites in 2020

After you created your new WordPress blog or business website, are you looking for the best plugins? Great…we have got you that only..!! We know that you see plenty of confusing plugins in the results of Google search. It must be really confusing for you. Relax, no need to get jumbled-crumbled. We have sorted these plugins and brought you 12 best WordPress plugins for SEO.

What are plugins?

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. This is a software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website or blog. It aids in adding new features and helps in SEO. It works in the same way as the apps installed on our mobile phones. It helps in creating almost all kinds of websites.

You can activate or deactivate them at any moment by just a click. WordPress plugins for SEO allow the developers to store their data and acts as a database. There are a lot of plugins that are rich in functionality and have their own add on plugins for extended and advanced approach.

What are the benefits of WordPress plugin for SEO?

There are a plethora of websites out there, but how many of them are actually getting the response that they are expecting? Well, you know the answer yourself. It’s not even one-fourth. What went wrong, then? Well, they did not reap the benefits of the best plugins available. So, here we have brought you some of the top benefits of WordPress plugins for SEO.

  1. Create your own email and booking forms: It is a combo for the small scale entrepreneurs who cannot invest in high technology. It’s a secure way to line up for the competition with fellow bloggers. Even if you are not a geeky person, it is quite easily accessible for you.
  2. Chat with your customers or readers: The live chat plugin helps in discussing the issue of your readers. They can address you whenever they want. It helps in creating a bond of trust between the blogger and readers.
  3. Sharing the posts on social media: Everyone knows the strength and reach of social media. By adding the social media share plugin, your viewers can share the content on their profiles. This is a low-cost promotion for you.
  4. Security advantage: By adding plugins, you can get a wide variety of security features for your WordPress blog or business website. It makes sure that no sensitive information is leaked from the database.
  5. Helps in better SEO:  There are numerous SEO related plugin available. They can help in increasing the rank on the search engine results.  In this way, you can draw more traffic to your website.

Top 12 Best Plugins for WordPress blogs and websites:

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of plugins that can be used for WordPress, but to pick out the best from this cluster, we have decided to discuss about the top 12 best plugins that are immensely useful and popular too.  So, let’s start with them:

  1. Jetpack

This is built by the same team that built WordPress. Jetpack WordPress plugin is the best-maintained plugin introduce by WordPress. You can witness multiple features of this and has proven to show the best results. It has become the first choice of many bloggers out there. You can experience all its plus points once you start using it on your own. Here are the following functions that you will be able to perform with the Jetpack WordPress plugin.

  • It has strong analytical punches added to it for tracking the page view and search queries.
  • This will monitor the downtime of your website, and you will get a notification when the site is down.
  • This ensures complete security from hackers. It prevents them from brutally forcing into your blogs’ login page.
  • With the Jetpack WordPress plugin, you can lower down the bounce rate of the visitors. It offers other related blogs in the end. This keeps the visitors engaged and helps increase traffic.
  • Using the VaultPress, it takes daily backups of the content. So you can be assured that your hard work is safe and you won’t lose it due to some technical glitch.
  • Get a free CDN with Photon.
  • It also auto publishes blogs on various social media sites to increase the readership extension.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin:

This undoubtedly has become a mandatory plugin for any type of blog or website. It has shown terrific results and has become an essential part of plugin family. This has proven to be the most effective and influential plugin for WordPress. Here are the important functions of Yoast:

  • It automatically submits the XML sitemaps to Google and other major search engines.
  • Allows the users to create custom meta description.
  • Helps in generating XML sitemaps.
  • Checks the keyword density and reminds you to fix the URL
  • This helps in adding Breadcrumbs
  •  WP –Rocket

It has gained so much popularity amongst the plugins due to its simplicity and efficiency. It works even better on shared hosting. This is easy to configure and navigate. It efficiently manages the strain on the hosting server due to too many PHP calls. This loads the load on the server drastically and allows easy loading of the page, within a few seconds.

  • PushEngage

This is a unique plugin that adds new ways to attract the user and keep it engaged on the blog. It combines web push technology, which sends notifications to the users about the blog updates. This help in getting instant viewers. Also, it allows sending manual push buttons to drive high traffic. This sends push notification using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

  • Akismet plugin

This helps in getting rid of the cheesy spam comments in the comment box that can harm the reputation and intensity of the website. It offers an automatic system to prevent the wrong or irrelevant comments in WordPress. It is a must-have as it permanently deletes them and helps you get an influential website or blog.

  • Contact form 7

This is the most straightforward and advanced contact form plugin. Its interface makes it easy to navigate. You don’t have to be a tech expert to run this.  It shows referral sources which are essential to know the way your visitors navigate through your blog. You can read their minds and know about what they want and how they want.

  • Social Map WP plugin:

It is a great plugin to share and upgrade your content to social media sites. This fact is not hidden from anyone that the influence of social media is enormous and boundless. It works on the various social media platforms;

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • No Self Pings:

This is not as popular as others but is of most necessary use. It can just shoot away from the trouble of pingbacks. With this, your pingback headache can be resolved. When you link to any post, it starts to send a lot of these useless pings. You can get rid of them by this. It’s an appreciative WordPress plugin.

  • WordFence Plugin

The security of your data base should be on your priority. This plugin ensures the safety of hackers. It has some other features too, but its main function is to protect it from getting hacked. WordFence Plugin updates are released regularly to tackle the latest hacking techniques.

  1. Easy Affiliate Links

It lets you manage all the affiliated link and redirects the readers to favourite affiliate programs. It can add tremendous value to the business site.

  1. Broken Link Checker

It is a free plugin that scans the blogs for broken link chain and allows fixing them at the ease of just a single click. This can enhance the SEO chain of the site by joining these dead ends. It also stops sending pings to your website. This means it can also ensure the task of a pingback trouble shooter.

  1. OptinMonster

This plugin helps in capturing emails and helps in advanced features like A/B testing and geolocation. It helps in mail subscription forms for mobile websites.

These were the 12 best WordPress plugins that are useful for WordPress websites. Each of them was chosen to serve a different purpose. Though there is a heap of such plugins but we tried to bring the ones that are productive and efficient in their job.

WordPress plugin for SEO can help you and your website to shine bright and highlight in the crowd. Today, there are billions of websites maundering over the web, and it is essential not to be part of that..!!

Smart ways to create backlinks for your website

Do you wish that your website appears in the first few results of Google search? Do you want to optimize the traffic on the web? Aren’t you getting the response that you were expecting? Chill, don’t worry. You just need smarter ways to create a backlinks for your website. There are ample backlink creator tools that can assist you with this, but you need to learn the tactics to make use of them wisely.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are links that connect one website to another. It is one of the most significant metrics for scoring a good rank in Google search results and many other search engines.

It is also called as “Incoming links.” Its job is to proliferate the visibility of your website, which is directly proportional to the number of visitors. So, many online business people are learning how to make backlinks.

What are the benefits of Creating Backlinks?

  • Increases traffic
  • Enhances brand value and brand reputation.
  • Builds a trustful relationship.
  • Helps in the online promotion of the brand, product, or service.
  • Builds authority.

What are the ways to create backlinks for the website?

Building up a backlink profile that can improve the ranking and credibility is crucial to get the positive and desired impact on the website. So, here are some of the ways to help backlink maker.

1. Find out a suitable website that attracts most inbound links:

The first and the foremost step is to hunt for the blog or website that is already having a large number of backlinks. This large number will indicate the efficiency of the website. The techniques to find the apt site are to type the below-listed words in the search box of your search engine:

  • Your keyword + links
  • Your keyword + resources
  • Keywords in url: links
Source- Neil Patel

2.Hunt for “Who’’:

Here “who” means the owner of the website or blog. Many of them have pre-qualified themselves on how to create backlinks. You can take help from a series of backlink creator tools that can help you do the job.

3. Propose a bait:

  To attract the link-worthy posts, you need to create content that will work as bait.  For this, you should know the techniques of choosing the suitable keywords that will increase the optimized results. As for picking up the keywords, think of the ones that are most frequently used and avoid using jargon or high-vocab.

4. Guest Blogging:

  It the most convenient and effective way to expand yourself and capture a new audience. To achieve this, you have to publish high-quality and engaging content on popular websites, blogs, or social media profiles. This will increase your vulnerability to the internet.

5. Stalk and steal your competitors:

This may sound a little unethical, but it is a mandatory strategy to obtain organic traffic with the least efforts. In any business, it is important to know the strategy and planning of your competitors. It will keep you a step ahead of them. So, subscribe to their newsletters anonymously and catch up on all their new content. Also, monitor on what type of backlinks are working the best for them.

Even the SEO expert Mr Neil Patel also described this technique in one of his blog.


So, it’s a fact that all the top ranking websites are using the skills of backlinks to enhance their online business. It is an essential tool for newbies as well as for the experienced ones. Always post the content with appropriate keywords. Do not forget to make backlinks on the website that are related to your services.

To gather the optimized crowd on your website using the backlinks, contact Webgross Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the top-ranked digital marketing company.

How to design an effective eCommerce product page

Online shopping is now in the nerves of netizens and shopaholics. Well, why shouldn’t it be? this is just a game of few clicks and swipes. You get the chance to surf, choose, and review it just by holding your mobile phone in your hand.

In today’s era, it’s apt to say that shops are as handy as a mobile phone. Be at your home, in your comfy pajamas and shop whatever and wherever.

It is an easy-peasy thing for the shoppers, but it is quite challenging for the sellers. The competition has expanded with the advancement of technology.

So, before investing on the eCommerce product page, know the basic tricks that can help you survive in this game.

Design non-cohesively.

Contemporary web pages demand uncluttered designing. It is good to provide the details, but it is worst to over-do them. Chopping down all the irrelevant distractions is the key to bring out the sleekest and engaging design that is eye-catchy.

The smartest tactic to provide the information is to hide it and make it readable only if the user desires to read about it.

Maximum time, people are not interested in knowing about the additional information. They are just surfing to have a glance at the outlook of the product.

Work hard on photos and videos.

Visual appearance is the only thing that matters the most. People will consider knowing more about the product only after they are pleased with the visuals.

The photos and videos play a significant part in bringing out the urge to buy. So, invest in high-quality pieces of equipment to capture the best and authentic photos.

Keep in mind that the photos and videos should not be deceiving. The quality of the product should be the same. This can put the reputation and trust of your customers at stake.

ecommerce product page

Keep your product copy brief and to the point.

Try to provide a brief product copy. Keep in mind, to add all the key features or special features as they are the USP of the product.

Longer write-ups are not appealing and engaging. Maximum people will ignore the lengthy paragraphs. So, a good ecommerce product page will give the product copy in the format of bullet-points since they are easy to read.

Work on building up the legitimacy of the website.

It does not matter how your products are unless you build up a positive image in the market.  The customers always look for your track record.

So, adding the reviews from your previous buyers is a great tool to mould a true and clean image. Add the photos that are uploaded by the previous buyers. This will help your customers to make a decision.

Giving similar product suggestions

There are many products of one category on your site. They could have variations in design, price, size, features, colors, and many other points.  An efficient product page ecommerce will never miss this tab. So, do not forget to show other related products.

This will showcase a wide range of variations that your website has and will also help the buyer to make up his/her mind. These are some of the tricks for building up a great ecommerce product page that can chip-in and help you stand out from the crowd and make your individualistic presence.

For developing the product webpages, you can contact Webgross. It is one of the leading digital marketing companies that can help you through your success journey.

Online Reputation Management guide for newbies

Are you worried about the negative comments on your website? This is naturally a worrisome matter, but you can take control over this by investing in great Online Reputation Management.  It is vital to maintain and enhance the credibility of your website in order to sustain an impressive and credible image. You can grab the knowledge through the Online Reputation Management tutorial.

As per a study, over 90% of the buyers read the reviews on the web before investing their money on buying the service or product. So, to nurture your business reputation, it has become a new tool.

What is the meaning of Online Reputation Management?

In simpler words, it is the implementation of strategies that can drive the buyers towards your service or product. This is a smart way to turn your potential customers into actual customers by influencing them to purchase it. People rely upon multiple platforms to get reviews. These include social media, YouTube, blogs, and your own website.

What is the importance of Online Management Reputation?

  • Builds a bond of trust between the customer and the seller.
  • It helps in the increase of sales.
  • It enhances the credibility.
  • Drives more traffic.
  • Turns potential customers into actual customers.
  • It helps to recruit credible employees.

What are the ways of Online Reputation Management?

There are plenty of major and minor tips and tricks that can enhance business reputation. Here are some of the ways that can make sure that you showcase a positive image on the web.  So, learn from this ORM tutorial for newbie:

Work on the SEO operation: SEO increases the visibility of the website. Excellent SEO management can build up a good reputation on the internet. It makes sure that your webpage appears in the first few results of the Google search.


 Publish high-quality content: All the online reputation management tutorial encourages to post an engaging content with good readability. Make sure that the content you publish is relevant and interesting for the readers. It is recommended to hire a good content writer that has the skills to handle this part efficiently.


Keep a check on what you are doing: It is important to monitor the work and efforts that you are dedicating for your business reputation. Regularly respond to the queries and reviews that your customers are posting. A responsive attitude is appreciated instead of ignoring the stuffs.

Do not deceive your customers:  Always make sure that you deliver what you promise.  Do not guarantee for the quality that you can’t deliver. This can further ruin your reputation and increase trouble for the business.  So, it is an essential point of the ORM tutorial for newbie.

Maintaining your online business reputation never means that you will get rid of the negative comments and reviews; instead it means to create a bond of faith and reliability among the customers. To improve your online reputation, you can contact Webgross Pvt. Ltd.  It is a leading digital marketing company that provides the best services.

How to grow your business with digital marketing?

With the ease of getting all the information and services in just a few clicks and swipes, the digital platform has become the aptest way to do marketing. The evolvement of technology has lead to the evolvement of business. Every business person or even small entrepreneurs are investing in digital marketing. But there are many doubts about how to grow your business with digital marketing. Well, there are many strategical planning and techniques that can slew up your game of online marketing.

It requires proper skills and tactics to get the desired output of the investment that you made in promoting your services, brands or products online. So, are you wondering what are the skills that can teach you how to grow your business with digital marketing? Aren’t you? Then here are few tips and tricks that can help you.

digital marketing

Linking the website through social media:

Well, there is no question on the fact that the power of social media is immense. It can degrade and upgrade the reputation of the brand or service with equal intensity.  A trustworthy and legit website is always linked with social media platforms. This can be a fantastic advertising platform for the service or product. You can post updates and add links to your website.

Make your content SEO friendly:

SEO is the most beneficial tool of digital marketing. To increase the visibility of your site on Google, creating the content with relevant keywords can promote it and multiply the visibility.

Guest Blogging:

It is an SEO technique where bloggers post on third party website to promote and enhance the traffic on the site. It is the most presumed way of encouraging online business.

Adding high-quality and relevant photos and videos:

Photos and videos should be eye-catching as many visitors do not read the content and rather judge the website through photos and videos. So your message should be clearly conveyed with maximum information without creating cohesiveness.

Frequent uploads:

For gaining the best output, new content should be uploaded as frequently as possible. But keep in mind that this should not be over-done. Too many uploads can get unnoticed due to cluster.

Make YouTube videos:

It is an effort-taking task, but it can boost up your website traffic like never before. If you are looking for the most effective way to learn how to grow your business with digital marketing, then making YouTube videos is the topmost choice. This method can be a little expensive since it demands investment in equipment and human resource.

In today’s era of digital marketing, competition has extended its boundaries. You are now no more competing with other business people of your locality or state; instead you are struggling to overcome the competitors worldwide. So, wisely handling the game of digital marketing is by far the only key to enhance your presence and be on the top.

For getting the best digital marketing results, you can contact Webgross You can find the solution for all your digital marketing needs under one roof.

Top tools to check duplicate content on a website

A website can only rank high in the search engine results when it has genuine and engaging contents. If you have a professional website, then you need to be aware of the fact that your site cannot contain any duplicate content. Content writing is the base upon which you can build a strong business website.  If Google or any other search engine realizes that you are using plagiarized content on your website, then you will get penalized. All your efforts of setting up a successful business website will come down to zero. 

plagrizm checker

Another challenge that you may come across is that another website may use your content without any permission. If your website is getting organic traffic and is ranking well in the search engine results, then some unscrupulous digital marketers may start using your content against you. They may even succeed in out shadowing your website.

Plagiarised or duplicate content:

According to the Google Search Console, plagiarized or duplicate content is that which “completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.” It is absolutely a thing of concern when we come across multiple websites hosting similar content. Such plagiarism can affect the ranking of the website as well as it may disappear from the SERPs. Search engines simply avoid multiple pages that show similar content. If a website matches the query of the viewer, then it will display the page.

If you want to know whether a given content is plagiarized or not, then there are a plethora of tools you can try. Let’s have a look.

Top 5 tools to check if the content is duplicate or not:

The best way to detect if a given content is plagiarised or not is to use an online plagiarism checker tool. You will get absolutely free access to a wide number of duplicity checker applications over the internet. Following are some of the best plagiarism checkers that you need to check:

This is one of the best tools for checking duplicate content. This tool provides two easy options for going through a given content. You can either copy/paste the content or enter the URL of the web page that you need to check. It also offers another option using which you can skip a given URL while searching for duplicity.

Plagiarism Detector:

This is the second-best tool for plagiarism checking. You can check the duplicity of content either by copy/pasting the text, check using the URL, or by excluding a given URL. The left column will display the entered text. While plagiarised content will be highlighted in red color. The right column is meant for the plagiarised sources.


Again, a brilliant plagiarism checking tool, Duplichecker, is exceptionally easy to use, and it is absolutely free. It give s you three options via which you can check a given content. All you need to do is to copy or paste the text or upload it. You can also enter the URL of the webpage for checking.


Here’s another free tool meant for plagiarism checking. You can check a given content by using the URL of the webpage. There is no copy/paste option. Also, you cannot skip a URL during checking. It offers an elaborate report of the content, and if there is any duplicity, then the sentences get highlighted in red. 


It is quite similar to CopyScape. Here too, you can check for plagiarized content by using the URL of the webpage. The tool scans all the pages of the URL and prepares a detailed report for you. There will be two categories “your top issues” and “your pages.” The “your pages” section cover the duplicate content and provides a comparison with another site. If you click on the duplicate content, the plagiarism percentage will be shown in another new tab.

It is highly significant that you keep a routine check on your contents and make sure that they are not being stolen or plagiarized. Plagiarism issues are quite easy to be fixed. You can get in touch with the sites that have been using your content without prior permission. Also, it is better to get yourself registered and acquire a DMCA badge. Their job is to take down the sites which have copied your content. In return, they will charge you for this service. If you display this badge on your website, content copiers and scrapers will stay away.

If you are not sure that your digital marketing company is providing you with effective and genuine content writing services, then you can try the top-rated digital marketing services of Webgross Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It offers the clients genuine and highly engaging content that appeals to the minds of the visitors. Besides, it is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. You should definitely give it a try!

Why is content writing ‘the king of marketing’?

Ever wondered why content writing had become the backbone of digital marketing.

Today every business, small or big, is hiring content writers. Well, content writing is the art of strategical framing the content so as to drive the maximum number of sales. It is done for selling a brand, product, service or name.

It is an undeniable fact that content writing services have become the building block of many successful brands and companies.

With the advancement of technology by manifolds, each business person or even small entrepreneurs are switching towards online marketing.

That has proven to be a great decision as the outputs of this shift are greater..!! Now, you must be wondering that why content writing is called as the ‘king of marketing’?.

Well, there are many reasons behind this term that is now strung with content writing. Let’s see why everyone is running for a content writing company.

Better the content, better is the SEO

SEO plays a crucial role in improving your visibility on the web, which is the first goal of digital marketing.

So, if you want to generate an enhanced SEO, then you have to invest in excellent content writing services firstly.

seo content writing
source: backlinko

Creating the relevant topics frequently that are under your niche is another crucial aspect of gaining results of the investment that you have made in digital marketing.

Build-up a trustworthy and prominent reputation

The content that is published on your website is the reflection of your work. People will judge your services and products from there only.

So it is necessary to shift your eyes towards this segment. Yes, the quality of the write-up is the foremost thing. Therefore it is advised to hire the best content writing services.

Enhances the website conversion rate

Website conversion rate can rise to as high as 6 times which is a significant stroke.  Content writing helps to generate leads and builds up an unwavering relationship.

Drives the traffic to your website

High-quality content that has the power to engage its target audience can help to increase the rabble on your website. Being noticed for good is the key purpose of marketing.

An engaging content writing company is an apt choice for promoting your work and your services.

Talk one-to-one with your customers

It is an unfailing way of mass communication. You just need to publish the best quality content on the topics that are desired by your customers. This is an excellent way to talk to all of them at once.

You can clear all their doubts and escalate their interest in knowing more and more about your services, products and brands.

Not only these, but there are plenty of more major and minor reasons because of which content writing services or content writing company are in high demand and profit.

An engaging write-up can do wonders for your site, and this is why it is now the backbone of digital marketing without a doubt.

Thrive Cart review : What’s in the Cart ?


Thrive Cart is a known shopping cart software which was created by Josh Bartlett in the year 2016. Thrive Cart is one of the very different players in the market of shopping carts. The Cart has only one off the price; however, still, it is considered to be offering one of the most bug-free shopping experience and is loaded with several features.

It is considered to be a direct competition to a better-established brand known as SamCart, which is considered to be one of the biggest names in the online industry.

Here are some of the advantages of using Thrive Card:  

  1. 1. Easy Interface: The Cart has a straightforward interface, which is a dream of several shopping cart companies. The interface is straightforward to understand and lacks any bug. It is so customer-friendly that one can spend hours browsing through it without getting bored or tired.
  1. 2. Thrive cart is one of the very few shopping carts which offers a plethora of payment options and methods. The Cart, in a short time, has been successful in integrating with several payment gateways, which are famous and widely used by every company. 
  1. 3. The Cart has a very active Facebook page. Not only this, but it also has a massive community of 5,000 members on Facebook on which a lot of discussions is taken place. This makes it very easy for the customer to interact with the team of Thrive cart in terms of emergencies. 
  1. 4.The dashboard made is straightforward and simple to use. It also has a variety of filters, which makes the search super simple. For customers, the dashboard is the key to success, and Thrive cart has soon enough caught the keys in the right direction. 
  1. 5. The Cart gives several options to lure customers such as discounts and coupons, one-click up sells, and bump offers. This forms as a direct way of marketing and attracting new customers. Fortunately, Thrive Card has been very successful in attracting more customers. 
  1. 6.The Cart provides extensive support even when it is not called for. Detailed documentation is fixed in the Cart, which spoon-feeds the customers about what to do and what not to do during an emergency. It has several supportive channels to provide more support. 
  1. 7. When compared to the other competitions, the price of the Thrive cart is very affordable, economical, and cheap. Every penny spent on it is worth it. 
  1. 8. Thrive cart is considered to be one of the most effective feature-packed carts in the market. 
source: Thrivecart

Here are some of the disadvantages of using Thrive card: 

  1. Thrive Cart is against cryptocurrency and does not accept currencies such as bitcoins under any circumstance. Hence, people who have invested heavily in cryptocurrency find it hard to reap the benefits of Thrive cart. 
  2. The Cart does not give any provision for selling the services. It is an excellent place for the buyers, but when it comes to the sellers, it lacks behind. 
  3. In case of any emergency, the only way an individual can contact the officials is through Facebook, engagement posts, etc. It does not provide any contact number or email I’d through which the customer can reach out quickly. 
  4. The option of customization is minimal, which makes It a huge drawback for Thrive cart. One has to boil down to the items present there and cannot indulge in the process of customization and all very easy. 

The efficiency of Thrive Cart to accept different payments? 

Several different payment processes are integrated with Thrive cart, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay,, etc. Besides these basic and regular integrated payment processes, they offer wider integrations such as one can provide a one-click up-sell and down-sell through PayPal. Thrive cart is known to be working with the most known payment processors available in the market, such as Braintree and a direct bank transfer option too. 

Not only does it provide a plethora of options for different payment processes, but it also offers a wide variety of payment methods. This is precisely where Thrive cart outshines the rest of the shopping cart software. The process of payment involved in paying for the product should be extremely flexible, which speaks volumes about the software. 

source: Incomemesh

Thrive Cart gives an option for several payment methods such as:

  •  It accepts payment methods in a total of 17 currencies which include EUR and USD as we’ll
  • It offers two printing options: Single pricing or multiple pricing.
  • For new customers, it provides a free trial period, then eventually paid trial periods and auto-billing.
  •  It offers the option of one-click up-sells
  •  It provides the frequency of billing for the different subscriptions and payment methods.
  •  It keeps providing a number or bumper offers. 

Thrive Cart’s USP:

One of the very rare USPs of thrive Cart is that it has an interface that is very well made. Even with a complicated funnel or novice would take minutes to breeze through the entire process. This is a clear indication that less time is wasted on the process, and more time is invested in driving sales: Something which you look from a full-featured shopping cart.


It’s the effectiveness of converting prospects: 

It is effortless to get someone to come and check out the shopping cart, but the real win is when that person clicks on the ‘Buy Button’ and end up purchasing. It is to be noted that even very qualified prospects can bail at the very last moment, which runs like a terrible experience of checkout. 

On the very homepage, thrive cart claims an offer of ‘high-converting cart pages’ amongst the various things it offers 

Does Thrive cart have an A/B testing feature? 

Thrive cart is known to have a very robust A/B testing feature, which gives room to one to test the various products against one another. The products can be the same with a few changes here and there or can be completely different products to compare which product performs better. The A/B test generally rotates all the variations until a set of time has been passed, at a point in which it will show the winner. 

source: Incomemesh

Is Thrive cart there during the tough times?

Thrive is one of that shopping cart software that always has your back. During the use of any process, an individual faces several roadblocks in terms of understanding the process; technical challenges faced unscheduled downtime etc. In such a case, an appropriate line plays a vital role.

The documentation of Thrive cart is loaded with supportive articles to teach all the dos and don ts. Although the material uploaded by technical staff is fundamental, but is extremely useful for all the first-timers. The user interface of Thrive cart makes it a dream to navigate for all the customers. Everything you expect is served to you. Everything you dream is right in front of you. 

This is the reason why the low-level issues don’t arise in thrive Cart. It is sporadic that these issues arise. For instance, if they ever end up appearing, there are enough documents to help it recover.

Thrive cart gives several options to connect with the administrator such as Facebook; one can also fill the query sheet, and the admin is very quick in replying or even through an engagement group, which consists of approximately 5K members. 

However, one of the drawbacks is that it does not offer a direct line to contact, which eventually results in a slow response. 

How much does Thrive cart fit into the Tech Stack? 

When talking about shopping carts, it is essential to integrate them properly with the rest of the tech setups. ThriveCart has always been very confident about publicly sharing their integrations, which consist of an extensive portfolio considering that they have been in the business for very little time compared to the other giants.

Currently, a lot of their integration lies under the caption on Email marketing, which covers several email providers such as MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign etc. 

Now does Thrive Card Help in boosting sales?

Thrive card has several ways to help with boosting sales, such as:

A.Coupons and discounts:

The shopping cart software has a whole new subsection for discounts and coupons where every small detail is given priority. It offers features to fixed-amounts, the expiry date of the ticket, etc. 

B.Bump Offers:

Bump offers as compared to Coupons have very little flexibility, which is intentional and a strategy. Bump offers are generally added to the initial total of the order, and it helps them to benefit from things such as coupons, payment plans, and attribution of the affiliate. Very few shopping carts use the facility of Bump offers, and Thrive Cart is one of the core ones to offer this.

Conclusion:  Overall, Thrive Cart is handy and emerging to be one of the leaders in the segment of shopping carts and eventually building loyal customers. 

Increase Website Conversion Rate: Top 5 Tips

Over three-fourths of the entire population looks for the product online before reaching out to buy it, and therefore having a robust online presence is quite essential these days. The appearance of your work on the web attracts the people to buy your service or product. The best way to attract potential customers is to have a detailed online image by constructing an informative website. The golden rule is to create traffic on your site. This traffic is directly proportional to an increase in sales and hence increase in the revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any business. For achieving this, one should know how to improve the website conversion rate.


Website conversion is the percentage form based on the ratio of people that are directed towards your website to buy or view your products or services. It is the segment of visitors who convert an offer. The visitors can be converted through direct links, webinar registrations, sales, etc.

Here are some of the tips to increase the conversion rate of your website:

  • Use Of Heat Maps: It is vital to know where your customers are gravitating. This will help you see the nature of your target audience and hence will let you know about your lacking point. Heat Maps provides you with the breakdown of the most visited pages of your site. The use of it will allow you to know the pages that are not getting a positive response, and rebuilding those pages is the best option at that time.
heat map
  • Remove distractions: It is proven that removing unwanted navigations from the page can increase the conversion rate for the website by 40%. It is not an easy task to remove distractions as many of them are essential for your business, so this eliminating these has to be done smartly and wisely. You should remove as many distractions as you can. Some unwanted navigation could be a confusing image or testimonial.
  •  Creating contact forms and Call-to-Action buttons:  It is a smart choice to know a little more about your potential customers. One of your top concerns should be to get their email address and phone number. This will create a direct link between you and your customers. Adding a Call-to-Action button gives a hint to them about what actions they should take.
  • Opting up for a professional team:  The most efficient way to increase the conversion rate on website is to hire a team of professionals who can provide you with an informative website. You need to update your site regularly.
  • Building a trustworthy website:  To improve your online presence, providing good quality proof, your previous work is essential. This creates trust. Also, you should have reviews of your loyal customers. This will gravitate the visitors to purchase the product or the service.


Creating a strong and positive image of your product or service on the web has become the need of this hour because over 70% of the potential customers surf the web before using it. To achieve this, you need to increase the website conversion rate. This can be done by using heat maps and by eliminating all the unwanted distractions. Also, you should hire a professional that keep can maintain the quality of your website. 

To increase the conversion rate of website you can contact Webgross Pvt. Ltd (

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What Is Digital Marketing? Why it is so Hyped?

It has often been said that digital marketing is soon going to be the next big thing in the future. Now it has indeed become that. However, many of us struggle to understand “What exactly is Digital Marketing ? “

Digital Marketing in a nutshell

It is a simple form of marketing of the products and services through the use of electronic devices. In a way, it means companies can avail the golden opportunity to advertise their products through digital channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel. One of the critical questions that often emerge is whether digital marketing is only online or not. Well, the answer to this question is that it is both online as well as offline. To carry out full-fledged marketing, both of them matter equally.

The reason why various companies give digital marketing so much importance is that people spend a great deal of time on their phones. So what better way of gaining their attention than their phones.

Online marketing has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. Let us enumerate the various types of online marketing.

  1. Search engine optimization ( SEO )
  2. Search engine marketing ( SEM )
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Pay-per-click advertising
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing

The above list consists of SEO, which is regarded as the foundation of online marketing.

Why it is important?

Offline marketing is also playing its part, though not as much as online marketing. However, a relatively new term by the name of enhanced offline marketing has come up recently, which has become popular amongst companies these days.

Enhanced offline marketing is offline but is enhanced by electronic devices.

The most sought after feature of offline marketing is electronic billboards. They can be seen in almost all the big cities filled with skyscrapers were attracting eyeballs is not a cakewalk. Big, electronic billboards force the passer-by to have a look at it at least once. 

Digital marketing is getting bigger and better day by day, and companies all over the world are fully aware of its uses and wish to make the most of it.

Facebook carousel ads: Make your ad campaigns stand out!

You might have noticed your Facebook feeds and stories flooded with sliding images and gifs. Does got your attention? These sliding images are called Facebook carousel ads. As per the recent research, most users tend to like interactive and visually appealing over the traditional dormant content.

Every day billions of users spend hours watching videos and interactive content. Research shows that after the introduction of Facebook Carousel Ads by Facebook, there is a rapid growth in content engagement. Brands have recorded a marginal increase of around 250% in their content engagement after this

Now you might be thinking that ?How can Facebook Carousel Ads help in promoting my brand?. Facebook carousel ads can help you showcase your brand to your audience uniquely and more interactively! Brand also keep Facebook ads on the top in their social media marketing strategy.


What are Facebook Carousel Ads?

Google is flooded with all these results, and you can find appropriate answers from word stream and social strike etc. But all those are explaining Facebook Carousel more technically. In simple layman words, Facebook Carousel is like signage you see while going on a highway but the difference is that it can be seen by all those who are not travelling on that and are sitting on some other part of the globe. So, in short, it is a more effective way of marketing than traditional marketing.


Who can use Facebook Carousel Ads?

Facebook Carousel ads practices are prevalent among eCommerce marketers. They play with the cards to market their product and grab your attention. The Facebook algorithm plays a vital role in optimizing these campaigns as it automatically selects the best image out of the bunch to be featured.

  • Designers and apparel brands promote their products and make visually appealing ads to gain more attention.
  • App developer uses to provide screenshots of their apps user experience to divert traffic to their apps.
  • Bloggers and Influencers are practising Facebook Carousel Ads. They are using it as a medium to communicate to their targeted audience.

Tips for making your First Facebook Carousel ad:

If you came this far reading this article. Then you might be curious about “Tips for making Facebook Carousel ads?. Let me give you a brief on how you can make an outstanding Facebook ad:

  • Be creative the most important thing. Nobody likes to waste his milliseconds looking for a dull and unattractive ad.
  • Try using less than 20% content in your cards. Let the image speak for you. Facebook guidelines state that the images with less text get more attention. Also, you quickly get approvals from Facebook.
  • Keep your Facebook Carousel Ads image size ? 1080 x 1080 pixels. Any bigger and smaller than this disturbs the symmetry.
  • If you are making a video, then the aspect ratio should be 1:1 (square). Square is considered to be a perfect aspect ratio for both mobile and desktop.
  • Post ad should be optimized, and the text character limit is 90.
  • Image description must be consisting of 30 characters only.

How to Grow your Business in 2020

While attending many conferences and seminars we came across this question ?How to grow my business in 2020?? and ?What strategies should I adopt to boost my business??. Every entrepreneur dream of becoming a millionaire. As the rapid advancement in technology is changing the ways to grow business every yearwe have decoded a simple guide to strategies for your business in 2020. These steps will help you to ensure that you reach your targeted audience.

An attractive website 


Website is the base of every brand or organization. Creating a website is one thing but creating an attractive and fully responsive website will boost your website traffic. Usually, a user bounce backs in just 10 seconds after reaching a website. But if the user finds the UI attractive and responsive chances are your user will stay for more time and explore more products. So, to get it done one should hire the ?Best website designing and development company?.

Website content


 ?Content writing ?plays a very important role in raising your website traffic graph. SEO rich content helps you to beautifully portray your product and services information. Hiring a Content writing agency helps you to ensure organic traffic growth on your website as it is not an easy task to get your content requirements by yourself.


search engine optimization

 You might have come across this word a lot. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of acquiring organic and natural traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a long but very fruitful process. It improves your search engine ranking and helps you to get more traffic. SEO experts help you to reach your goals. 


social media marketing

?SMM stands for?Social Media Optimization. Since the last decade, social media has been bringing revolution not only in personal but professional lives of the people. Today a brand can reach its users directly on social media. Can even provide customer support on social media. So, building a social media reputation is as much equal to advertising in a newspaper or magazine.

Grow your network with Public relations


 Public relations refer to the process of maintaining a positive relationship between the audience and the organization. It is with the assistance of Public relations that a firm can maintain its positive reputation in the marketplace. There are different kinds of activities which are formulated to make the activity of Public Relations a success. These include press conferences, events and other activities. 

In a nutshell: 

The above-mentioned tactics are way too necessary for making your business a huge hit. Have a look at these and witness a change in your business like none else.