List of 12 best WordPress plugins for WordPress blogs and Business websites in 2020

After you created your new WordPress blog or business website, are you looking for the best plugins? Great…we have got you that only..!! We know that you see plenty of confusing plugins in the results of Google search. It must be really confusing for you. Relax, no need to get jumbled-crumbled. We have sorted these plugins and brought you 12 best WordPress plugins for SEO.

What are wordpress plugins?

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. This is a software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website or blog. It aids in adding new features and helps in SEO. It works in the same way as the apps installed on our mobile phones. It helps in creating almost all kinds of websites.

You can activate or deactivate them at any moment by just a click. WordPress plugins for SEO allow the developers to store their data and acts as a database. There are a lot of plugins that are rich in functionality and have their own add on plugins for extended and advanced approach.

What are the benefits of WordPress plugin for SEO?

There are a plethora of websites out there, but how many of them are actually getting the response that they are expecting? Well, you know the answer yourself. It’s not even one-fourth. What went wrong, then? Well, they did not reap the benefits of the best plugins available. So, here we have brought you some of the top benefits of WordPress plugins for SEO.

  1. Create your own email and booking forms: It is a combo for the small scale entrepreneurs who cannot invest in high technology. It’s a secure way to line up for the competition with fellow bloggers. Even if you are not a geeky person, it is quite easily accessible for you.
  2. Chat with your customers or readers: The live chat plugin helps in discussing the issue of your readers. They can address you whenever they want. It helps in creating a bond of trust between the blogger and readers.
  3. Sharing the posts on social media: Everyone knows the strength and reach of social media. By adding the social media share plugin, your viewers can share the content on their profiles. This is a low-cost promotion for you.
  4. Security advantage: By adding plugins, you can get a wide variety of security features for your WordPress blog or business website. It makes sure that no sensitive information is leaked from the database.
  5. Helps in better SEO:  There are numerous SEO related plugin available. They can help in increasing the rank on the search engine results.  In this way, you can draw more traffic to your website.

Top 12 Best Plugins for WordPress blogs and websites:

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of plugins that can be used for WordPress, but to pick out the best from this cluster, we have decided to discuss about the top 12 best plugins that are immensely useful and popular too.  So, let’s start with them:

  1. Jetpack

This is built by the same team that built WordPress. Jetpack WordPress plugin is the best-maintained plugin introduce by WordPress. You can witness multiple features of this and has proven to show the best results. It has become the first choice of many bloggers out there. You can experience all its plus points once you start using it on your own. Here are the following functions that you will be able to perform with the Jetpack WordPress plugin.

  • It has strong analytical punches added to it for tracking the page view and search queries.
  • This will monitor the downtime of your website, and you will get a notification when the site is down.
  • This ensures complete security from hackers. It prevents them from brutally forcing into your blogs’ login page.
  • With the Jetpack WordPress plugin, you can lower down the bounce rate of the visitors. It offers other related blogs in the end. This keeps the visitors engaged and helps increase traffic.
  • Using the VaultPress, it takes daily backups of the content. So you can be assured that your hard work is safe and you won’t lose it due to some technical glitch.
  • Get a free CDN with Photon.
  • It also auto publishes blogs on various social media sites to increase the readership extension.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin:

This undoubtedly has become a mandatory plugin for any type of blog or website. It has shown terrific results and has become an essential part of plugin family. This has proven to be the most effective and influential plugin for WordPress. Here are the important functions of Yoast:

  • It automatically submits the XML sitemaps to Google and other major search engines.
  • Allows the users to create custom meta description.
  • Helps in generating XML sitemaps.
  • Checks the keyword density and reminds you to fix the URL
  • This helps in adding Breadcrumbs
  •  WP –Rocket

It has gained so much popularity amongst the plugins due to its simplicity and efficiency. It works even better on shared hosting. This is easy to configure and navigate. It efficiently manages the strain on the hosting server due to too many PHP calls. This loads the load on the server drastically and allows easy loading of the page, within a few seconds.

  • PushEngage

This is a unique plugin that adds new ways to attract the user and keep it engaged on the blog. It combines web push technology, which sends notifications to the users about the blog updates. This help in getting instant viewers. Also, it allows sending manual push buttons to drive high traffic. This sends push notification using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

  • Akismet plugin

This helps in getting rid of the cheesy spam comments in the comment box that can harm the reputation and intensity of the website. It offers an automatic system to prevent the wrong or irrelevant comments in WordPress. It is a must-have as it permanently deletes them and helps you get an influential website or blog.

  • Contact form 7

This is the most straightforward and advanced contact form plugin. Its interface makes it easy to navigate. You don’t have to be a tech expert to run this.  It shows referral sources which are essential to know the way your visitors navigate through your blog. You can read their minds and know about what they want and how they want.

  • Social Map WP plugin:

It is a great plugin to share and upgrade your content to social media sites. This fact is not hidden from anyone that the influence of social media is enormous and boundless. It works on the various social media platforms;

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • No Self Pings:

This is not as popular as others but is of most necessary use. It can just shoot away from the trouble of pingbacks. With this, your pingback headache can be resolved. When you link to any post, it starts to send a lot of these useless pings. You can get rid of them by this. It’s an appreciative WordPress plugin.

  • WordFence Plugin

The security of your data base should be on your priority. This plugin ensures the safety of hackers. It has some other features too, but its main function is to protect it from getting hacked. WordFence Plugin updates are released regularly to tackle the latest hacking techniques.

  1. Easy Affiliate Links

It lets you manage all the affiliated link and redirects the readers to favourite affiliate programs. It can add tremendous value to the business site.

  1. Broken Link Checker

It is a free plugin that scans the blogs for broken link chain and allows fixing them at the ease of just a single click. This can enhance the SEO chain of the site by joining these dead ends. It also stops sending pings to your website. This means it can also ensure the task of a pingback trouble shooter.

  1. OptinMonster

This plugin helps in capturing emails and helps in advanced features like A/B testing and geolocation. It helps in mail subscription forms for mobile websites.

These were the 12 best WordPress plugins that are useful for WordPress websites. Each of them was chosen to serve a different purpose. Though there is a heap of such plugins but we tried to bring the ones that are productive and efficient in their job.

WordPress plugin for SEO can help you and your website to shine bright and highlight in the crowd. Today, there are billions of websites maundering over the web, and it is essential not to be part of that..!!