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Web Analytics is a very essential tool in market research.  It is the sole reason because of which we get an understanding of gauging traffic and learning about the popular trends that people are interested to see. If Web Analytics is not done accurately, it leads to incorrect data which in turn affects the market research. It is extremely crucial to get Web Analytics correct in order to understand the change in people’s perceptions about a particular marketing technique or advertisement. There are a number of Web Analytics services in India that offer to make this work easier for you, but it is a necessity to choose the best service provider based on the professionalism and experience.  Web Analytics acts as a mediator between the people’s perceptions and the company’s expectations.

If you are seeking a helping hand from a top-notch Web Analytics company, look no forward then joining our esteemed company.  We, at Webgross, employ a team of professionals who have expertise in their respectful fields. Our team has a common idea of achieving client’s satisfaction. We are the top Web Analytics company in Delhi. We function on the principles of client satisfaction and client happiness. The more you work with us the better user- experience you achieve. We effectively collect and analyze data and optimize web usage. We even provide you suggestions on how to improve your website effectiveness. Not only that, we would like nothing more than to gain your trust and appreciation for our work and see your ventures grow and reach new heights.

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Webgross is one of the top Web Analytics company in India. We use both the technologies of Web Analysis, namely off-site Web Analytics and on-site Web Analytics. We use off-set Web-analytics to calculate the potential audience interested and the comments that are generated on your website. Furthermore, we use on-set Web Analysis to determine the performance of your website with respect to commercial context. Very few companies offer to use both these techniques and our company is more than willing to use both off-site and on-site analysis without it being a financial crunch.

Web Analytics services


Our team consists of professionals that see to it that there is no perjury committed under their job. We work effortlessly to make our clients happy through our Web Analytics services and develop a feeling of confidence and trust for our company. We are home to well-known experts that excel in their field of expertise and do not fail to disappoint.

  1.  Efficient collection of data– Our team efficiently collects basic data that is required to determine the market presence. We go about it by extensive research and studying your venture deeply. Being a Web Analytics company, we take this step very seriously.
  2.  We process the data into information– We convert the data collected into information metrics to gain a deeper understanding of the audience perceptions and feelings towards a company.  As a Web Analytics company, our top priority is to acquaint you with the correct information and statistics. We take great measures to keep this information safe and confidential and to make sure that it does not reach a third party.
  3.  Developing Key Performance Indicators– We focus on using the collected counts and converting them into business strategies.  Depending on your demands, we decide if we want to base this process into a conversion process or not. Our Web Analytics services make sure that there is no mistake committed during this stage.
  4.  Fruition of online strategies– We make sure that this process proves beneficial to you in the terms of saving money and making profit. Our Web Analytics company make sure that we give out the relevant online strategies and goals in order to keep your business pace and formulate it into a successful, well-known venture.
  5.  Customer Friendly– As a Web Analytics company, we take our clients suggestions and demands seriously and are available for consultation at any time of the day.


Our main goal is to ensure that your venture succeeds, and we would want nothing more than your satisfaction and trust in our company.  We would love to work with you again and ensure that you have faith and confidence in our company. Visit our website to know more about our Web Analytics services and contact us on the given email address and contact number below.


What sources do you use for collecting data for Web Analytics?

We make use of direct HTTP data, server generated data associated with HTTP requests and External data for Web analytics. Our Web Analytics services mostly focus on these three sources.

What is the purpose of Web Analytics tools?

Web Analytics tools help you find out the regular visitors on your page and their purpose of coming to your page. A Web Analysis company uses this data to improve your performance and benchmarks and to provide measures for improvement.

Where are you located?

We are located in New Delhi, India. We are ranked one of the best Web Analytics company in India. And have served clients from various other countries as well.

How do I contact you?

You can email us or call us. Our number is provided if you scroll down our site along with our address, email address, and other details.

Do you charge extra for proofreading?

No, we do not charge any extra hidden amount for proofreading. We produce content along with editing and proofreading at the fixed charged amount.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, you have to pay 50% of the amount at the meeting time for further services.