How to design an effective eCommerce product page

Online shopping is now in the nerves of netizens and shopaholics. Well, why shouldn’t it be? this is just a game of few clicks and swipes. You get the chance to surf, choose, and review it just by holding your mobile phone in your hand.

In today’s era, it’s apt to say that shops are as handy as a mobile phone. Be at your home, in your comfy pajamas and shop whatever and wherever.

It is an easy-peasy thing for the shoppers, but it is quite challenging for the sellers. The competition has expanded with the advancement of technology.

So, before investing on the eCommerce product page, know the basic tricks that can help you survive in this game.

Design non-cohesively.

Contemporary web pages demand uncluttered designing. It is good to provide the details, but it is worst to over-do them. Chopping down all the irrelevant distractions is the key to bring out the sleekest and engaging design that is eye-catchy.

The smartest tactic to provide the information is to hide it and make it readable only if the user desires to read about it.

Maximum time, people are not interested in knowing about the additional information. They are just surfing to have a glance at the outlook of the product.

Work hard on photos and videos.

Visual appearance is the only thing that matters the most. People will consider knowing more about the product only after they are pleased with the visuals.

The photos and videos play a significant part in bringing out the urge to buy. So, invest in high-quality pieces of equipment to capture the best and authentic photos.

Keep in mind that the photos and videos should not be deceiving. The quality of the product should be the same. This can put the reputation and trust of your customers at stake.

ecommerce product page

Keep your product copy brief and to the point.

Try to provide a brief product copy. Keep in mind, to add all the key features or special features as they are the USP of the product.

Longer write-ups are not appealing and engaging. Maximum people will ignore the lengthy paragraphs. So, a good ecommerce product page will give the product copy in the format of bullet-points since they are easy to read.

Work on building up the legitimacy of the website.

It does not matter how your products are unless you build up a positive image in the market.  The customers always look for your track record.

So, adding the reviews from your previous buyers is a great tool to mould a true and clean image. Add the photos that are uploaded by the previous buyers. This will help your customers to make a decision.

Giving similar product suggestions

There are many products of one category on your site. They could have variations in design, price, size, features, colors, and many other points.  An efficient product page ecommerce will never miss this tab. So, do not forget to show other related products.

This will showcase a wide range of variations that your website has and will also help the buyer to make up his/her mind. These are some of the tricks for building up a great ecommerce product page that can chip-in and help you stand out from the crowd and make your individualistic presence.

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