How can you opt for brand authenticity using visual branding?

Consumers nowadays prefer to choose authenticity while choosing a specific service or product. But what does “authentic” mean to the brands?

According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology, authentic brand is the one that remains faithful towards its consumers. It cares for the well being of the consumers and takes responsibility accordingly.

Quite often than not, we come across powerful brands that have made consumer’s welfare an invincible part of their business operations. They always remain true to their consumers and fulfill the promises to stand out from the competition.

Why is brand authenticity essential for each and every business?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to establish a substantial hold in your field, with the help of a steady stream of frequent clients, then you need to understand the value of brand authenticity.

Dove brand visualization campaign

Following are the three major reasons to grow as a genuine and trustworthy company:

A strong relationship with clients:

If you portray sincere messages, like that of Dove’s campaign for real beauty, then your clients will feel that you are able to understand their needs and expectations.

Also, prioritizing your customer’s well being and bringing that in the forefront will make them feel that you truly care for them. Do not ever let them feel that they are just a part of your bottom-line benefits.

You need to focus on how your products can be beneficial for your consumers. Besides, you need to be committed to causes such as employee welfare and environment protection.

Do not forget to promote messages which your clients can relate to. This can eventually provide you with lifelong customers who will actually contribute towards your success.

Meeting consumer expectations:

According to a recent survey, about 86% of the consumers opt for authenticity while buying or supporting any product or service.

Consumers are becoming much more aware, and hence they are demanding complete transparency in the business operations.

They need elaborate details of even the ingredients used in the products they use. Hence, brand authenticity is getting highly essential for all business organizations.

It has become a matter of trust and loyalty. In order to build or nurture consumer trust, brand authenticity plays a huge role.

Standing apart from the competition:

Consumers today have access to a wide range of product features. You, therefore, cannot rely on just unique features of your products to get an edge over your competitors. This has become a widespread phenomenon nowadays.

However, your competitor can never use the emotional bond that you share with your consumers. They cannot reap the benefit of the loyalty that you maintain towards your consumer.

The transparency you have showing in all your business operations is something that your competitors can never utilize for their benefit.

Consumers tend to forget the features of your product. But they do not forget how they had felt with you. It is very important that customers believe in you and supports your ideas and causes.

This way, they will always choose your brand over others when making a purchase decision.

Following are some statistics that show the significance of authentic branding:

In about ten seconds, people form an impression about a specific brand just by seeing its logo.

  • 17% of US-based consumers are ready to pay more if the service is18 exceptionally good.
  • Colours can indeed be a great tool in brand recognition.
  • 59% of consumers stick to their trusted brands when it comes to trying a new product.
  • Amazon, the most valuable brand at present, has the brand value worth US$221 billion.
source: breakline

How to boost authenticity using visual branding?

Once you have decided to go with brand authenticity, you will come across several steps and methods to do so. But one of the most effective methods to do so is through visual branding.

Let’s see how you can accomplish this in five easy steps:

Usage of fronts that exudes your brand personality:

Your fonts play a very significant role in creating a good impression on your target clients. While choosing a font, think of your brand personality traits and then choose accordingly.

Consistency and continuity in your visual content:

A compelling visual brand identity can only be formed when you are consistent with the elements such as fonts, colours, layouts etc.

You need to follow this in all your business materials, for instance, signage, wall decals, product packaging, blogs, website design, social media posts, ads, videos, and so on.

Always remember to adhere to your brand’s colour palette. Also, keep in mind the emotions that you want your consumers to associate with your brand.

Imaged should be chosen as such that they remain aligned with the personality and identity of your brand.

Taglines should be relatable, genuine and compact:

A powerful and unique slogan or tagline can draw the attention of your potential consumers and give a boost to your sales. Use a few catchy and descriptive words that best explain your brand. 

Maximization of social media videos and posts:

Social media has become part and parcel of our lives. You can build and maintain brand authenticity by using social media effectively.

You can use video snippets to bring your event preparations to the forefront. You can also try to feature people from different walks of life who actively use your products. It is essential to share user-generated content too.

Unique brand logo:

Logo plays a significant role in visual branding. It has to be unique and appealing. It can be catchy enough so that it creates a long-lasting impact on a consumer’s mind. Always use colours and fonts that match your brand identity.

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