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Thrive Cart review : What’s in the Cart ?


Thrive Cart is a known shopping cart software which was created by Josh Bartlett in the year 2016. Thrive Cart is one of the very different players in the market of shopping carts. The Cart has only one off the price; however, still, it is considered to be offering one of the most bug-free shopping experience and is loaded with several features.

It is considered to be a direct competition to a better-established brand known as SamCart, which is considered to be one of the biggest names in the online industry.

Here are some of the advantages of using Thrive Card:  

  1. 1. Easy Interface: The Cart has a straightforward interface, which is a dream of several shopping cart companies. The interface is straightforward to understand and lacks any bug. It is so customer-friendly that one can spend hours browsing through it without getting bored or tired.
  1. 2. Thrive cart is one of the very few shopping carts which offers a plethora of payment options and methods. The Cart, in a short time, has been successful in integrating with several payment gateways, which are famous and widely used by every company. 
  1. 3. The Cart has a very active Facebook page. Not only this, but it also has a massive community of 5,000 members on Facebook on which a lot of discussions is taken place. This makes it very easy for the customer to interact with the team of Thrive cart in terms of emergencies. 
  1. 4.The dashboard made is straightforward and simple to use. It also has a variety of filters, which makes the search super simple. For customers, the dashboard is the key to success, and Thrive cart has soon enough caught the keys in the right direction. 
  1. 5. The Cart gives several options to lure customers such as discounts and coupons, one-click up sells, and bump offers. This forms as a direct way of marketing and attracting new customers. Fortunately, Thrive Card has been very successful in attracting more customers. 
  1. 6.The Cart provides extensive support even when it is not called for. Detailed documentation is fixed in the Cart, which spoon-feeds the customers about what to do and what not to do during an emergency. It has several supportive channels to provide more support. 
  1. 7. When compared to the other competitions, the price of the Thrive cart is very affordable, economical, and cheap. Every penny spent on it is worth it. 
  1. 8. Thrive cart is considered to be one of the most effective feature-packed carts in the market. 
source: Thrivecart

Here are some of the disadvantages of using Thrive card: 

  1. Thrive Cart is against cryptocurrency and does not accept currencies such as bitcoins under any circumstance. Hence, people who have invested heavily in cryptocurrency find it hard to reap the benefits of Thrive cart. 
  2. The Cart does not give any provision for selling the services. It is an excellent place for the buyers, but when it comes to the sellers, it lacks behind. 
  3. In case of any emergency, the only way an individual can contact the officials is through Facebook, engagement posts, etc. It does not provide any contact number or email I’d through which the customer can reach out quickly. 
  4. The option of customization is minimal, which makes It a huge drawback for Thrive cart. One has to boil down to the items present there and cannot indulge in the process of customization and all very easy. 

The efficiency of Thrive Cart to accept different payments? 

Several different payment processes are integrated with Thrive cart, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay,, etc. Besides these basic and regular integrated payment processes, they offer wider integrations such as one can provide a one-click up-sell and down-sell through PayPal. Thrive cart is known to be working with the most known payment processors available in the market, such as Braintree and a direct bank transfer option too. 

Not only does it provide a plethora of options for different payment processes, but it also offers a wide variety of payment methods. This is precisely where Thrive cart outshines the rest of the shopping cart software. The process of payment involved in paying for the product should be extremely flexible, which speaks volumes about the software. 

source: Incomemesh

Thrive Cart gives an option for several payment methods such as:

  •  It accepts payment methods in a total of 17 currencies which include EUR and USD as we’ll
  • It offers two printing options: Single pricing or multiple pricing.
  • For new customers, it provides a free trial period, then eventually paid trial periods and auto-billing.
  •  It offers the option of one-click up-sells
  •  It provides the frequency of billing for the different subscriptions and payment methods.
  •  It keeps providing a number or bumper offers. 

Thrive Cart’s USP:

One of the very rare USPs of thrive Cart is that it has an interface that is very well made. Even with a complicated funnel or novice would take minutes to breeze through the entire process. This is a clear indication that less time is wasted on the process, and more time is invested in driving sales: Something which you look from a full-featured shopping cart.


It’s the effectiveness of converting prospects: 

It is effortless to get someone to come and check out the shopping cart, but the real win is when that person clicks on the ‘Buy Button’ and end up purchasing. It is to be noted that even very qualified prospects can bail at the very last moment, which runs like a terrible experience of checkout. 

On the very homepage, thrive cart claims an offer of ‘high-converting cart pages’ amongst the various things it offers 

Does Thrive cart have an A/B testing feature? 

Thrive cart is known to have a very robust A/B testing feature, which gives room to one to test the various products against one another. The products can be the same with a few changes here and there or can be completely different products to compare which product performs better. The A/B test generally rotates all the variations until a set of time has been passed, at a point in which it will show the winner. 

source: Incomemesh

Is Thrive cart there during the tough times?

Thrive is one of that shopping cart software that always has your back. During the use of any process, an individual faces several roadblocks in terms of understanding the process; technical challenges faced unscheduled downtime etc. In such a case, an appropriate line plays a vital role.

The documentation of Thrive cart is loaded with supportive articles to teach all the dos and don ts. Although the material uploaded by technical staff is fundamental, but is extremely useful for all the first-timers. The user interface of Thrive cart makes it a dream to navigate for all the customers. Everything you expect is served to you. Everything you dream is right in front of you. 

This is the reason why the low-level issues don’t arise in thrive Cart. It is sporadic that these issues arise. For instance, if they ever end up appearing, there are enough documents to help it recover.

Thrive cart gives several options to connect with the administrator such as Facebook; one can also fill the query sheet, and the admin is very quick in replying or even through an engagement group, which consists of approximately 5K members. 

However, one of the drawbacks is that it does not offer a direct line to contact, which eventually results in a slow response. 

How much does Thrive cart fit into the Tech Stack? 

When talking about shopping carts, it is essential to integrate them properly with the rest of the tech setups. ThriveCart has always been very confident about publicly sharing their integrations, which consist of an extensive portfolio considering that they have been in the business for very little time compared to the other giants.

Currently, a lot of their integration lies under the caption on Email marketing, which covers several email providers such as MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign etc. 

Now does Thrive Card Help in boosting sales?

Thrive card has several ways to help with boosting sales, such as:

A.Coupons and discounts:

The shopping cart software has a whole new subsection for discounts and coupons where every small detail is given priority. It offers features to fixed-amounts, the expiry date of the ticket, etc. 

B.Bump Offers:

Bump offers as compared to Coupons have very little flexibility, which is intentional and a strategy. Bump offers are generally added to the initial total of the order, and it helps them to benefit from things such as coupons, payment plans, and attribution of the affiliate. Very few shopping carts use the facility of Bump offers, and Thrive Cart is one of the core ones to offer this.

Conclusion:  Overall, Thrive Cart is handy and emerging to be one of the leaders in the segment of shopping carts and eventually building loyal customers. 

Increase Website Conversion Rate: Top 5 Tips

Over three-fourths of the entire population looks for the product online before reaching out to buy it, and therefore having a robust online presence is quite essential these days. The appearance of your work on the web attracts the people to buy your service or product. The best way to attract potential customers is to have a detailed online image by constructing an informative website. The golden rule is to create traffic on your site. This traffic is directly proportional to an increase in sales and hence increase in the revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any business. For achieving this, one should know how to improve the website conversion rate.


Website conversion is the percentage form based on the ratio of people that are directed towards your website to buy or view your products or services. It is the segment of visitors who convert an offer. The visitors can be converted through direct links, webinar registrations, sales, etc.

Here are some of the tips to increase the conversion rate of your website:

  • Use Of Heat Maps: It is vital to know where your customers are gravitating. This will help you see the nature of your target audience and hence will let you know about your lacking point. Heat Maps provides you with the breakdown of the most visited pages of your site. The use of it will allow you to know the pages that are not getting a positive response, and rebuilding those pages is the best option at that time.
heat map
  • Remove distractions: It is proven that removing unwanted navigations from the page can increase the conversion rate for the website by 40%. It is not an easy task to remove distractions as many of them are essential for your business, so this eliminating these has to be done smartly and wisely. You should remove as many distractions as you can. Some unwanted navigation could be a confusing image or testimonial.
  •  Creating contact forms and Call-to-Action buttons:  It is a smart choice to know a little more about your potential customers. One of your top concerns should be to get their email address and phone number. This will create a direct link between you and your customers. Adding a Call-to-Action button gives a hint to them about what actions they should take.
  • Opting up for a professional team:  The most efficient way to increase the conversion rate on website is to hire a team of professionals who can provide you with an informative website. You need to update your site regularly.
  • Building a trustworthy website:  To improve your online presence, providing good quality proof, your previous work is essential. This creates trust. Also, you should have reviews of your loyal customers. This will gravitate the visitors to purchase the product or the service.


Creating a strong and positive image of your product or service on the web has become the need of this hour because over 70% of the potential customers surf the web before using it. To achieve this, you need to increase the website conversion rate. This can be done by using heat maps and by eliminating all the unwanted distractions. Also, you should hire a professional that keep can maintain the quality of your website. 

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